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  • I would like to speak to the Board at the next meeting. Is there a process I need to follow?
    Any owner that would like to address the Board at an upcoming meeting needs to submit a Request to be Added to the Board Meeting Agenda. This form needs to be submitted one week prior to the Board Meeting, and will allow the Board research the owner's issue. You can find this form on our Documents page.
  • What do I need a permit for?
    Permits are required for all new construction, changes to the exterior of the home, additions or remodel, pools, pool cages, fences and enclosures, concrete flat work, pavers, water wells, and exterior paint change. Permit forms can be obtained at the P.O.A. office or downloaded from this website on the Documents page.
  • How often do I have to mow my vacant lot?
    All vacant lots are to be mowed on a monthly basis.
  • How often are greenbelts mowed?
    Greenbelts are currently mowed twelve (12) times per year. During the rainy season the cycles may be altered. Additionally, greenbelts act as our drainage swales. These swales will hold water during the rainy season, as they are designed to do. During the rainy season the middle of the greenbelts are not able to be mowed due to standing water. Once the water has receded, mowing and maintenance will resume.
  • When is the annual assessment due?
    The annual assessment is due on October 1 of each year for the October through September fiscal year. The invoice is sent out with the annual meeting package in September.
  • Are sheds, gazebos, tents, free standing canopies, tree houses allowed?
    No. Article 17 of the Declaration of Restrictions states "No tents and no temporary or accessory building or structure shall be erected without the written consent of the Grantor.". ​
  • Where can I get an update on Scrub Jay Zoning?
    Scrub Jay zones are created by U.S. Fish & Wildlife (800-344-9453) additional information can be obtained at ( Local information is available through the Charlotte County Scrub Jay Website ( or Charlotte County Natural Resources (941-764-4383). An additional resource is Scrub Jay expert Dorthea Zysko with The Ecology Group Inc. (941-639-4011).
  • How high and how long can my fence or enclosure be?
    Fencing is restricted to 4 feet maximum height and must be an open construction (no solid or privacy fencing). Picket fences require at least 3" between each picket. Fencing can be placed at the side of your house and extend to your rear property line. Fences cannot be placed in front yards. Enclosures must be of solid construction (no lattice or other similar material), can be a maximum of 6'h x 6'w x 18'l and must be attached to the house. Enclosures may not have a roof, and prebuilt storage box or garden shed are not permitted. Both enclosures and fences require a permit. Permit forms can be obtained at the P.O.A. office or downloaded from this website.
  • Is fishing allowed in the canals and lakes of Section 20?
    Fishing is restricted to homeowners of Section 20 only. However, access to canals and lakes cannot be made through private property. If you do not live on a canal or lake, access can only be made through the common areas. However, you cannot park any vehicle on the greenbelt.
  • How long can I have my RV or boat in my driveway?
    RV's are allowed to be parked no longer than a forty-eight (48) hour period for the purpose of loading and unloading. Boats can be parked in driveways from noon Friday through noon Sunday only.
  • Can I park a trailer or commercial vehicle?
    Trailers and commercial vehicles, including any type of vehicle with signage or racks with materials on it (such as ladders), etc., are not allowed overnight, starting at 5pm.
  • Can I park on the swale or my lawn?
    All vehicles must be parked in your garage or driveway.
  • Do I need approval to repair the exterior of my house?
    Any changes in design, color or modifications to your existing structure must be permitted through the P.O.A. office.
  • When I report a violation what happens next?
    When a violation is reported the Deed Restriction Committee (DRC) confirms the violation. The owner is mailed a first violation letter explaining the violation requesting compliance within 7 days. If the violation is not corrected within that time a second letter is sent advising the violation has not been corrected and failure to comply will result in the possibility of incurring attorney fees. If we are unable to obtain compliance, it is then sent to the Board of Directors to assess a fine, and then to the Compliance Committee for approval. Further non-compliance will result in legal action.
  • Where can I keep my garbage cans, recycle bins, and ladders?
    All of these items need to be out of view behind an approved enclosure or in your garage.
  • My front swale isn’t draining; water is sitting in the end of my driveway
    Issues related to drainage swales in the front of your property is the responsibility of Charlotte County Public Works and they can be reached at (941) 575-3600 or you can submit request online at See links below for more information
  • Who is responsible for trimming trees/shrubs that block the view of roads?
    Issues related to right of way trimming is the responsibility of Charlotte County Public Works and they can be reached at (941) 575-3600 or online at:
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