Management of Section 20

The Association Management consists of:

  • a Board of Directors and Committees.

  • a Community Association Manager, and an office staff.

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Section 20 Property Owner's Association of Deep Creek is maintained under Florida Statute 720 and is managed by its Board of Directors that are elected from the membership of the Association.

Board of Directors




                            John Bailey, President                        



                            Dave Armstrong, Vice President       




                            Don Dyer, Treasurer                    

                    ** please do not send estoppel requests to this email - contact our office directly at 941-627-6562.



                            Michael Kinzer, Secretary       



                           Phil Jacobus, Director                



                           Rhonda Miller, Director                 



                          David Scannell, Director                   




Architectural Review Committee

The Architectural Review Committee reviews all permits, such as New Construction, Fence, Enclosure, etc., to make sure they conform to POA guidelines.

Hank Starks, Chairman

Karen Moerlein

Chuck Rand

Aimee Schneider

Compliance Committee

The Compliance Committee approves or denies fines assessed by the Board for homeowners with deed restriction violations.

Carl Jeffcoat

Dennis Smith

Robert Russell-Tutty

Hank Starks

Clyde Sweatt

Sign Committee

The Sign Committee is tasked with researching options for an additional entrance sign on Sandhill near Seasons.

Clyde Sweatt - Chair

Marianne Cassamassima

Michael Kumbalek

Lou Polito

Carmen Salome

Drainage Committee

The Drainage Committee is tasked with reviewing and evaluating the neighborhood storm water drainage system.

Hank Starks - Chair

Don Dyer

Phil Jacobus

David Scannell

Lonnie Cadman

Mark Cygniak

Peter DeJohn

Diane DuPont

Karen Haverlock

Mark Labrosse

John Miliot

Greg Smith

Kathleen Smith

Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee reviews resumes and interviews all candidates for the Board of Directors, and selects the number of candidates for the ballot to fill the upcoming vacancies.  This committee is formed once per year and meets in June/July.

Documents Committee

The Documents Committee reviews the POA documents for any needed changes.  This committee is formed as needed.