Management of Section 20

The Association Management consists of:

  • a Board of Directors and Committees.

  • a Community Association Manager,

  • and an office with staff.

Section 20 Property Owner's Association of Deep Creek is maintained under Florida Statute 720 and is managed by its Board of Directors that are elected from the membership of the Association.

Board of Directors

John Bailey, President

Ed Brizzolara, Vice President

Mary Jo Dembecki, Treasurer

Dave Armstrong, Secretary

Phil Jacobus, Director

Chuck Rand, Director

Michael Kinzer, Director



Architectural Review Committee

Phil Jacobus, Chairman

24710 Sandhill Boulevard, Unit 804, Punta Gorda, FL 33983
Telephone (941) 627-6562     Fax (941) 627-0425
Office Hours:  Monday - Friday 8am-4pm